Another Proud Moment!

It's an early Saturday morning, as I sit quietly putting session plans together for the upcoming week, I can't help but reflect on times passed.

I consider the achievements of my young charges and how proud they must be of themselves and how far they've come.  I know personally, I am incredibly proud to say the least. 

This time tomorrow will see me packing up the car for a very important journey, first to the Domestic Terminal to pick up my girls from the North, then off to the International Airport to put my girls on a plane with the Australian Squad to tour Barcelona.

Words cannot express how immensely Proud I am of these young ladies and their achievements. 

On several occasions one or another of them has suggested that I am the reason they keep going when they want to give up. 

Little do they know, that they are the reason I keep going when I want to give up.

They are the reason that this Academy started in the very beginning. 

When all the red tape and politics gets too much to bare and I think I can't keep going.  (Most people know my dislike for all things politics in junior sport)  1 of these girls will remind the value of continuing what we started.

And so tomorrow when they jet off with the Aussie Team, I think I'll shed a tear or two of joy and pride.  

These girls came together early on, if you've read my earlier blogs, and they've stayed together.  They've achieved the ultimate goal TOGETHER.

Friendships, Teammates, Professionalism.

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