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"I've been with Nomes for 4yrs. She's the best coach I've ever had. She's honest about what I need towork on and helps me out even if I'm not at a session. I can msg her anytime and she'll give me adviceon what I can do to improve. If it wasn't for Nomes, I would have given up heaps of times. She pushes meto be my best at everything I do." EM"


"I first met Nomes when I was playing football for a club 3 years ago. Since then, her coaching andmentoring has helped me develop into a better player in both Futsal & Football. Her positiveencouragement and skills honing has helped me become the confident player I am now. She believes in mewhen I don't believe in myself. One thing she has always pressed upon me is that practice really doesmake perfect. If I can't seem to do something, she always says - 'Keep going, you'll get it'. I don'tgive up, I persist until I get it. Since training with Nomes, I've gone from local club player to NPLKeeper and State Representative." LB"